Traditional Flexibility: build flexibility through traditional, efficient and long term benefits methods. You'll learn how to stretch your body in order to achieve high results like splits, backbends, pancakes, pikes, etc. or more in general to achieve a good overall flexibility level. Why traditional? Because I try to join the traditional, proven, old good ways, to the most modern methods of flexibility.

Handstands: I study handstands and I coach people in their first steps through the development of a one arm handstand. Is a beginner level coaching through intermediate and advanced in flexibility.

If you want to improve your technique in a handstand, your general or specific level of flexibility or more generally embrace a practice based on bodyweight training, this is the right spot.

Full access to the video library with video tutorials and explanations.

Personalized programs. All tailored to you: your goals, your needs, your level. We'll start from there.

Weekly videos reviews. Each program is 6/8 weeks long.




€225 (75 each)

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The complete video course + E-book on V-sit and Pike development. Learn with +3 hours of videos all the exercises, drills and techniques you need in order to drastically improve your flexibility and strength for a V-sit and much more!
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With no gymnastics background I discovered first Calisthenics, then flexibility and handbalancing. I love the way this discipline teaches you how to deal with yourself and have patience for the development of such technical and hard skills. I started studying handstands in 2017 in the London School of Handbalancing and had many teachers, the first one is Janchivdorj Sainbayar (Saiina), then Mikael Kristiansen and Harry Williams. I studied flexibility first from a practical point of view, then by entering in contact with different authors and practitioners like Kit Laughlin and Emmet Louis. Despite the many teachers, I'm a solo practitioner, so the base of my experience comes from skin in the game which I put daily into my practice.

I'm a online content creator and author of a book about flexibility (Project Flexibility). I organize events, workshops and retreats based on different disciplines like movement, handstands and flexibility.

Thank you for being here. Hope there's been something useful for you. For free material join my social networks accounts.Have a good training!




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